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If Oral Antibiotics Won’t Work, Our Treatment Might Be the Answer

Antibiotics are miracles of modern medicine, but in some cases you might find yourself with a condition for which oral antibiotics are not effective. For example, there are a number of gastrointestinal diseases that may not improve when antibiotics are delivered via the oral route. In such cases, an infusion can help improve symptoms and eliminate the bacterial infection.

There’s No Need to Suffer Chronic Infections (Call Our NYC Team)

If you think you might benefit from an antibiotic infusion, contact our team right away at 212-951-1238. We’ll schedule you for an evaluation at our Manhattan clinic and will determine whether or not this therapy is suitable. If it is, we’ll schedule a series of treatments–much like oral antibiotics, the treatment must be administered over an extended period of time.

Cutting-edge Antibiotic Infusion Therapy in Manhattan (Call Now)

However, our team will make sure you understand the requirements of this therapy and will make the process as simple as possible for you. It can be fear-inducing to know that your condition won’t respond to oral antibiotics, but our team can help provide a solution that will eliminate the infection and help get you on the road back to health.


Consider Antibiotic Infusion Therapy for the Following Issues:

  • Multiple sclerosis symptoms
  • Issues from Crohn’s Disease
  • Immune deficiency disorders
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Infections of the gut