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Hangover IV Therapy in Manhattan & NYC

Drink too much over the weekend? Have a headache that you just cannot shake and feel like the room is still spinning? Our vitamin drips such as our hangover IV therapy is the perfect solution and will have you back on your feet quickly.

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Vitamin Therapy for Hangover Relief in NYC & Manhattan

Our super vitamin B complex is $219 for one treatment and $639 for three treatments.
Our super vitamin C complex is $239 for one treatment and $639 for three treatments.

Drinking with friends is fun but it instantly becomes a regret when you wake up in the morning with a hangover that you cannot shake off. You may have tried all the tricks in the book, but you are still stuck with the nausea, headache, and sensitivity to light. Our hangover IV therapy is specially designed to help you overcome your hangover quickly.


How It Works

Our super vitamin B complex is packed with B12 and B-complex vitamins to help give you a boost of energy when you feel tired, sluggish, and exhausted.

We deliver vitamins, fluids, and nutrients directly to your bloodstream via an IV. Your body will absorb these vitamins and fluids immediately and you will feel better within minutes.

Our super vitamin C complex is packed with minerals and vitamin C to provide your immune system with the help it needs to create antibodies to fight off those ill feelings you have.

Benefits of Hangover IV Drip Therapy

A vitamin IV drip for your hangover is the best remedy and can have you back on your feet in no time. There are several benefits of choosing the hangover IV drip therapy.

  • Improves Your Immune System Function

    A hangover can lead to ill symptoms such as a headache, nausea, and vomiting. These symptoms only exacerbate how sick you truly feel and can make the situation worse. Our IV therapy for your hangover will provide your immune system with the boost it needs to fight back and overcome the hangover quickly.

  • Keeps You Hydrated

    One of the worst side effects of a night filled with too much drinking is dehydration. You want to avoid dehydration at all costs as it will only make you feel worse. Unfortunately, a hangover can cause excessive thirst too. Our hangover IV drip includes fluids and lots of them to prevent any dehydration you would otherwise experience.

  • Relieves Your Headache

    Our hangover IV drip therapy is specially designed to relieve the symptoms you experience from a hangover so that you can get back on your feet and accomplish the things you need to do. Our IV drips will relieve those awful headaches you may have from one too many drinks.

  • Customized IV Therapy to Meet Your Needs

    All our IV therapies including the hangover IV drip are customized to meet your needs. We do offer additional services to include IV medications to relieve nausea and inflammation within your body.

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