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Revive IV Therapy in Manhattan & NYC

On the floor in pain? Finding it difficult to get out of bed and accomplish the things you need to? If so, you will find relief in the revive IV drip therapy option. This deathbed relief formula is designed to get you back on your feet in no time.

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Deathbed Relief with Revive IV Therapy in NYC & Manhattan

A single treatment costs $249 while a five-treatment package costs $679.

Being sick is no walk in the park and sometimes, you may feel like you are on your deathbed. When you feel like this, look to us. We offer revive IV therapy to help bring you back to life and get you on your feet. Our vitamins, IV medications, and fluids are the right mixture to give you that boost you need.


How It Works

Revive is our IV therapy option that is better known as our deathbed relief cocktail. This is the ultimate choice in IV therapy and provides you with the ability to combat those ill feelings of sickness that you have.
Revive IV therapy will do just what it says – revive you! You will be able to overcome some of your worst days and quickly recover so that you can carry on with your life and not waste hours or days in bed.
Each revive IV therapy package comes with a double dose of fluids through our 2000 ml lactated ringers. You will also receive a dose of our three IV medications, which include an anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, and anti-heartburn.
Let us help you get back on your feet today with revive IV drip therapy. Call our office today to create a customized hydration therapy package. Once we have created your perfect cocktail, we can come to you or you can come to us. You will be back on your feet in no time – we promise.

Benefits of Revive IV Therapy

Revive IV drip therapy offers you many benefits and is a wonderful way for you to overcome feeling like you are on your deathbed.

  • Gives You a Boost of Energy

    If you feel like you are on your deathbed, you likely have no energy. Your body is depleted, and it makes it just that much harder for you to get over the illness or infection too. IV drip therapy delivers the minerals, nutrients, and IV medications you need directly to your bloodstream and as a result, you receive an immediate boost in energy.

  • Works Better than Prescribed Medications

    Prescriptions medications such as pain relievers and antibiotics are only so good. Over time, we develop immunity to them and sometimes, the wrong medications are prescribed, so they do not treat the actual symptoms or cause of the symptoms. This not only wastes your time, but leaves you stuck on your deathbed. Revive IV therapy will give you the boost you need and provide you with the fluids, medications, and vitamins you need.

  • Immediate Relief of Your Symptoms

    Since the IV medications, fluids, and vitamins are directly delivered to your bloodstream, they are 100% absorbed in your body and you will receive relief immediately. Not only will you feel better quickly, you will be able to jump up out of bed and go about your day.

  • Side Effects Are Non-Existent

    One of the most notable benefits of revive IV therapy is that there are no major side effects involved with it. In fact, the cocktail is designed to relieve your symptoms and not cause additional symptoms.

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