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Breathe Easier with Salt Room Therapy (Visit Our NYC Clinic)

Salt room therapy is an emerging treatment that greatly improves patients’ circulation, respiratory health, and skin condition. There are a number of methods that you can employ to receive these benefits, but the two that we primarily provide are salt room therapy and salt baths. Both treatments help to improve overall circulation and lung function, and salt baths specifically help to improve overall skin health.

Improved Skin and Circulation—Call about Our Salt Room Therapy

Our Manhattan treatment facility can offer you salt room therapy at a competitive price, and in scheduling your appointment you can speak with our specialists about the ways in which this treatment can assist you. We strive to offer our patients a restorative, relaxing, and blissful experience—and we can help you, too. Call us today at 212-951-1238.

Salt Baths to Improve Your Respiratory Function and Skin Health

Living in New York can bring with it a host of respiratory challenges. For a city that has everything, there’s often an overabundance of particulates in the air, causing stress to the lungs of all NYC residents. However, we can offer a way to combat that: salt room therapy can help your lungs to function better and fight off these difficulties. Start your consultation right away.

Call Us about Salt Room Therapy in NYC to Treat the Following:

-Poor circulation
-Congested lungs
-Dry or damaged skin
-Respiratory issues
-Aggregate stress