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Effective Treatment for Joint Pain (Call for NYC Prolotherapy)

Prolotherapy, also known as regenerative injection or proliferation therapy, is an exciting new treatment option that can potentially mitigate your long-term pain issues. If you’ve experienced pain as a result of connective tissue injury — for example, scar tissue on ligaments, muscle strains, whiplash, or repetitive stress injuries — prolotherapy might offer you relief.

You may have heard of platelet-rich plasma injections, which are pain treatments administered in a similar way. Prolotherapy is different from this in that it does not require your plasma or stem cells to create an infusion. Instead, our medical team will inject your affected joints with a solution of saline, dextrose, lidocaine, and other therapeutic substances. This will both reduce pain and inflammation within the joint, and stimulate the growth of new connective tissue.

One of the reasons this treatment has proven popular for patients at our Brooklyn clinic is that it does not require a blood draw in advance of the treatment — it is simply a stimulating injection to which the body responds naturally.

Studies Show Marked Improvement for Patients after Prolotherapy

In recent years, researchers have performed studies in which patients received prolotherapy or a simple injection of lidocaine (which numbs pain, but does not address the causes). A significant portion of patients receiving prolotherapy found that their symptoms were reduced, and that post-treatment they experienced improved flexibility and mobility.

So, what does this look like? For patients with scar tissue on their ligaments from past sprains, it can mean walking or lifting a weight without pain or stiffness. For patients with issues in their knees or hips, it can mean an improved gait and a reduction in comorbid symptoms owing to a lack of flexibility. This can also mean more independence, the ability to use stairs, the ability to get in and out of a vehicle unassisted, and much more.

One point to bear in mind, however, is that patients experience improvements most often when the treatment is conducted over a series of injections. While you will experience a reduction in pain after one treatment, the best course of action is to continue the treatment over the course of several weeks in order to best stimulate new growth in the affected areas.

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