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Eliminate Pain from a Bulging Disc – Contact Our NYC Pain Clinic

One of the benefits of our bulging disc treatment is the lack of recovery time. Although surgical procedures exist to repair damaged spinal discs, they typically involve removing or fusing the joint—eliminating the pain point, but requiring significant surgical work and healing afterward. In some cases, you might find yourself functionally immobile for weeks afterward.

We Can Eliminate Back Pain without Needing Surgery or Recovery

This is simply not an option for a number of patients, who are forced to choose between a life of constant pain (requiring constant analgesic dosage) or an expensive and disruptive procedure that might require months away from work. However, our Brooklyn pain clinic can offer you relief that’s profound, long-lasting, and non-invasive.

There’s No Need for You to Suffer from a Bulging Disc Any Longer

Contact us today at 212-951-1238 to hear about the radio nerve ablation therapy treatments that we offer our NYC patients. If the treatment is right for your condition, it will only require a quick consultation and a few hours’ worth of actual procedure, which will have a minimal (24 hours or so) recovery time. This means lasting pain relief for your bulging disc.

Our Bulging Disc Pain Treatment Can Help with a Number of Issues:

-Spinal contortion
-Auto accident injury
-Back injury from falls
-Degenerative discs
-Bulging spinal disc