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Get Effective Pain Relief for a Herniated Disc in Your Lower Back

Lower back pain can be a particularly difficult area to treat. For one, your back receives a lot of wear-and-tear in normal life, which can be exacerbated by age or issues with physical condition. What’s more, surgical options to treat lower back pain do not always insure pain relief—and they bring along significant recovery times.

No Need for Surgery—We Offer Lasting Pain Relief without Incision

Our NYC clinic can offer you another way to treat your herniated disc in your lower back: with radiofrequency nerve ablation, our clinicians can block out the pain signals, offering you relief without surgery. This means that, rather than having to spend months in physical therapy adjusting to your post-operative back condition, you can simply experience a pain-free life.

Our Brooklyn Pain Clinic Can Help You Achieve Real Symptom Relief

Call our offices today at 212-951-1238 to see if this treatment is right for your herniated disc in your lower back. Chances are good that we can offer you pain relief for less, and with far fewer complications, than any other treatment option. We know how much it means to you to be able to get back to a pain-free life! Call us right away.

Call Today If You’re Suffering from Any of the Following Issues:

-Degenerative discs
-Lower back trauma
-Strains from overuse
-Sports injuries
-Slipped disc