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Get Lasting Relief for Slipped Disc Pain – Contact Our NYC Team Now

If you’re suffering from a slipped disc, we can offer a variety of approaches to resolve your pain. Whether you’d prefer to use radio therapy or other noninvasive procedures—or would like to consider a surgical procedure to remove the damaged disc—we can assist you. Call us today at 212-951-1238 and speak with a member of our NYC pain management team.

Our Pioneering Approach to Pain Relief (No Surgery Required!)

There are a number of options available that can provide relief. For example, using radio nerve ablation can mute the pain signals in your back, allowing you to reclaim your quality of life without need for an operation. This is a tested, proven, and safe procedure with incredible results—and our team is highly experienced in delivering it.

A Topical Treatment That Can Eliminate Slipped Disc Nerve Pain

However, you might also want to consider an operation like a discectomy or laminectomy—and our team is also experienced in a number of lumbar decompression surgeries. If this is the approach that works best for your condition, we’re happy to consult on it as well. You have only to give us a call and start the process.

Contact Us If You’re Suffering from the Following Conditions:

-Bulging Discs
-Slipped Disc
-Herniated Spine Disc
-Lumbar Spine Injury
-Car Accident Injury