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PRP Infusion for Local Pain Relief and Healing of Affected Tissue

For patients suffering from symptoms of Lyme Disease, we can offer a number of treatments that offer relief. Depending on the areas affected, you might benefit from our painkiller treatments (like PRP or prolotherapy) or, in some cases, antibiotic infusions. What’s important is that you speak with our team of professionals in New York to get the consultation process started — you can reach us at 212-951-1238.

New Antibiotic Infusions for Treatment of Resistant Symptoms

In the case of antibiotic infusions, we’ve noted that a number of our patients are able to relieve otherwise antibiotic-resistant symptoms with an IV infusion. This allows us to combat an infection that has not responded to treatment via the oral route, and this often provides relief and improvement of conditions. While it’s not applicable in every case, it might allow you to reduce or eliminate Lyme Disease related symptoms.

There’s No Need to Suffer from Lyme Disease–Contact Us Today

In addition to this, we also offer pain-relief treatments for patients suffering from Lyme Disease. Our platelet-rich plasma and prolotherapy treatments are in many cases useful to patients, as they relieve pain and promote healthy cell regrowth in affected regions. Our Manhattan-based specialists can explain this process and determine if this approach is best for you.

Our Treatments Can Help with the Following Lyme Disease Symptoms:

-Lyme-related arthritis
-Joint pain
-Antibiotic-resistant infection
-Poor circulation

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