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Radio Frequency Treatment Can Reduce Pain Symptoms Immediately

If you’re looking for relief for your long-term pain issues, radio frequency treatment can provide help with minimal recovery time (as opposed to a surgical intervention). What’s more, for issues stemming from degenerative illnesses like arthritis, our Brooklyn pain clinic can offer assistance where no surgical treatment options exist. Contact us today at 212-951-1238 to learn more about this exciting new procedure.

A Non-Surgical Procedure to Eliminate Pain and Improve Symptoms

Radio frequency treatment is in itself a therapeutic approach similar to ultrasound massage. However, the radio waves stimulate nerve tissue, causing a warming and expanding that eliminates pain signals from the affected region. This in turn removes your symptoms and allows you lasting relief.

How Might Radio Frequency Treatment Help Your Pain Condition?

It’s important to note that radio frequency treatment is not a permanent fix for issues. However, in practice we’ve noted that patients receiving this therapy report pain relief for at least a year after the procedure ends. There is almost no recovery time required from this procedure, it is minimally invasive and inexpensive, and offers pain relief within reach.

Inquire About Radio Frequency Treatment for the Following Issues:

-Upper back pain
-Neck pain
-Issues from repetitive stress
-Slipped disc
-Herniated discs in back

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