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If you’re suffering from arthritis pain, you might be able to find relief from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. This new and highly promising treatment involves an infusion derived from a patient’s own blood — basically, blood is drawn and then refined to create a therapeutic dose rich in blood platelets.

When a patient receives this treatment at our NYC clinic, one of our medical staff will inject the PRP infusion directly into the joint in which pain is present. The purpose of this is to slow the damage to cartilage, improve the overall mobility and function of the joint, and to reduce or eliminate pain.

Patients at our Brooklyn clinic have reported improvements in their arthritis pain after receiving PRP injections. This is particularly helpful with knee pain, but it is also applicable to many other long-term arthritic conditions. If you’re wondering whether or not this treatment might assist your current symptoms, you need only to reach out and speak with one of our experts.

You Don’t Have to Let Arthritis Joint Pain Slow You Down Anymore

The purpose of PRP injections is to reduce pain symptoms, but also to improve the overall functionality of joints. It is this improved mobility and flexibility that allows for pain reduction, along with a pronounced reduction in swelling, inflammation, or irritation of the connective tissues. This often provides significant relief.

The goal of any arthritis pain treatment in our clinic is to inhibit and slow the progression of arthritis. In some cases, PRP injections can even stimulate the growth of new cartilage, or reduce friction within the joint by aiding the production of natural joint fluid.

Furthermore, the infusion you receive will reduce overall pain symptoms in the affected joint, allowing you to move more freely and avoid the debilitating symptoms of arthritis. While not all conditions are treatable using this method, many arthritis pain symptoms are. If you’re interested in determining if this is suitable to your pain issues, contact us today at 212-951-1238 to learn more.

Simple, Effective Treatment with Great Results for These Issues:

-Joint pain
-Difficulty walking or stretching
-Degenerative arthritis
-Connective tissue problems
-Scar tissue in joints

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