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Regain Flexibility in Your Achilles Tendons with PRP Therapy

If you’re dealing with tendonitis in your Achilles tendon, you’re used to difficulty walking or running, but you don’t necessarily want to commit to reparative surgery. However, with PRP infusion therapy, you can actually avoid surgery and its accompanying recovery time. Instead, you’ll receive an injection of your own blood platelets, which will stimulate growth and aid flexibility.

Orthopedic Therapy Options in NYC with Proven, Reliable Results

Platelet-rich plasma infusions show huge promise for the treatment of orthopedic injuries as they offer the localized pain relief of a cortisone shot with the healing properties of physical therapy. You can both reduce pain and inflammation in the affected area as well as stimulating the growth of new cells, helping to improve mobility and flexibility. We have deep subject matter expertise providing this treatment to our Manhattan clients, and we’re happy to assist you as well.

Don’t Let Achilles Tendonitis Slow You Down–Try PRP Therapy!

Call our team today at 212-951-1238. We’ll want to examine you to determine the extent of your Achilles tendonitis, but this process will not take long and will allow us to identify how best to treat your condition. If you decide to proceed with PRP infusion therapy, we’ll simply need to draw blood in order to refine it into the therapeutic solution employed. It’s easy, minimally-invasive, and reliable.

PRP Helps with the Following Issues (Call Today to Learn More)

-Difficulty walking or running
-Stiff connective tissue
-Scar tissue from strains
-Sports injuries

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