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There’s No Need to Suffer – Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation Can Help

Radiofrequency nerve ablation allows our pain clinicians to offer you lasting relief without need for a surgical procedure. By activating and exciting your nerve tissue (and the surrounding tissues as well), the therapy eliminates the pain signals being sent to your brain. This effectively forms a pain block that allows you significant relief from symptoms.

A Cutting-Edge Treatment for Pain (with No Surgery Required!)

One of the benefits that our Brooklyn patients report from radiofrequency nerve ablation is the lack of recovery time. Although you may experience some soreness immediately following the treatment, there is no wound to heal and no scar tissue to work away. Each treatment provides relief for as long as a year, at a fraction of the cost of surgery.

Get Pain Relief for Arthritis, Herniated Discs, and Back Issues

What’s more, this pain treatment can help for conditions for which there are no viable surgical options. This means that, rather than having to accommodate pain in your life, you can simply block out the symptoms and experience relief. If this sounds like something you’d like to consider, give us a call today at 212-951-1238.

Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation Can Help with the Following Issues:

-Arthritis pain
-Back strain
-Long-term nerve degeneration
-Slipped discs
-Inflamed joints