What Is NAD / NAD+ Infusion Therapy?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is an enzyme found throughout all the cells in your body. It provides a fuel source for all metabolic activity, allowing your cells to process nutrients and generate energy. Without it, your body couldn’t function–and as time passes, your metabolism becomes less efficient. However, our NAD infusion therapy can mitigate this, allowing you to feel energized and healthy without stimulants.

How Can NAD / NAD+ Therapy Help Me?

Over the course of NAD / NAD+ infusion therapy, numerous patients have experienced a reduction in fatigue, increased energy, accelerated metabolism, more stable overall blood sugar, and decreased pain due to inflammation. Our specialists can determine if its restorative properties will help with your particular condition. Contact us right away at (212) 951-1238.

Can NAD Infusion Help with Diabetes?

As part of a holistic treatment program, the metabolic improvements from NAD/NAD+ infusions can potentially help to reduce diabetes symptoms. One particular improvement is the overall stabilization of blood sugar, which improves the speed with which your body metabolizes sugars and helps to minimize overall spikes and troughs. Our specialist can conduct simple blood tests to determine if your particular condition is one that this therapy can treat.

NAD/NAD+ Treatments Can Help with the Following:

-Slow metabolism
-Excess body fat
-Mental cloudiness
-Muscle cramps and strain
-Blood sugar issues

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