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A Safe, Nonsurgical Procedure for Hair Restoration Using PRP

Male pattern baldness can induce profound anxiety, as it’s difficult to know what the right approach might be for your particular situation—but doing nothing can be equally troubling. However, our New York clinic can offer relief through platelet-rich plasma infusions for hair loss. This is a simple, minimally-invasive and non-surgical process that works to restore hair follicles naturally.

Treat Male Pattern Baldness at a Fraction of the Cost of Implants

Rather than paying exorbitant sums for a follicle strip harvesting or follicular unit transplantation, we can offer natural regrowth that requires only a blood draw and a series of injections to the scalp. Effectively, the refinement of PRP from your blood creates a solution that stimulates the growth of new cells once applied. We recommend a repeat series of treatments for maximum results, but you’ll begin to notice improvements within a month of the first session.

There’s No Need to Delay–Try PRP for Hair Loss in NYC Today

If this sounds like something you’d like to consider, give us a call today and start the consultation process. We can offer great results at our NYC clinic, and we’re highly experienced at delivering PRP for hair loss. We look forward to assisting you.


A Restorative Therapy That Can Treat the Following Conditions:

  • Male pattern baldness
  • Thin hair
  • Hair loss at temples
  • Exposed crown

  • Alopecia