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Rejuvenate Aging Skin with a PRP Vampire Facial (NYC’s Best)

PRP infusions have wide-ranging benefits, but the restorative aspects aren’t just limited to injections! Call today to learn about PRP vampire facial treatment.

There’s No Need for Plantar Fasciitis to Slow You Down in NYC

Whether it’s a sports injury or simply the result of spending time on your feet, plantar fasciitis is debilitating. Our PRP treatment can offer you lasting relief.

Don’t Let Tennis Elbow Slow You Down—Get Pain Relief with PRP

Platelet-rich plasma injections can offer incredible relief for patients suffering from chronic sports injuries like tennis elbow. Call our team today to learn more.

Get Luscious, Beautiful Lips without Botox - Try PRP Therapy Today!

PRP injections can restore lip fullness and reverse the effects of aging or skin damage. Call our team of Brooklyn specialists today and see if it’s right for you.

Reverse Aging and Sun Damage - No Surgery Required! Call Today

We can provide unbeatable facial rejuvenation through PRP therapy—for a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery. Call our Manhattan-based team today to learn more.

Regain Flexibility in Your Achilles Tendons with PRP Therapy

If you’re suffering from Achilles tendonitis, there are cutting-edge therapies available that don’t require orthopedic surgery. Contact our NYC team today for info.

You Don’t Need a Transplant to Combat Hair Loss - Try PRP Therapy

PRP is an emerging therapy technique for male pattern baldness. Call our Manhattan specialists today to see if PRP injections can help you restore your hairline.

If Oral Antibiotics Won’t Work, Our Treatment Might Be the Answer

Antibiotic infusion therapy is an emerging approach to treating infections when oral antibiotics are ineffective. Our NYC team helps you get the results you need.

We Can Offer Chronic Pain Treatments through Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine is a promising substance for chronic pain relief, and our experts know how best to administer it. Call our NYC team today to learn about chronic pain care.

PRP Infusion for Local Pain Relief and Healing of Affected Tissue

If you’re suffering from Lyme Disease symptoms, there are emerging therapy options that can reduce or eliminate symptoms. Contact our NYC team today for information.

A Safe, Nonsurgical Procedure for Hair Restoration Using PRP

If you’re worried about hair loss, there are a number of new treatments available in New York that don’t require transplantation. Call our PRP for hair loss team.

Treat Bone and Blood Cancers with a Marrow Transplant (Call Now)

If you’re in need of a bone marrow transplant to treat a relevant condition, we’re here to serve you. Our New York surgeons are highly experienced in this procedure.

We Remove Skin Blemishes Safely and Effectively (Call Today)

If you’re concerned about a wart, bump, or skin tag, there’s no need to let it go untreated! Call our team of expert dermatologists for help today, and get results.

Breathe Easier with Salt Room Therapy (Visit Our NYC Clinic)

Salt room therapy brings a number of benefits to patients, both in terms of overall circulation as well as skin condition. Call our NYC team to hear more about it.
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