Arthritis recovery

Arthritis Treatment

If you are suffering from arthritis of any type, you are likely in pain and you are looking for a treatment that will work for you. Arthritis can be very painful, and it can cause you to want to pull your hair out some days, but it helps to know that you do not have to feel this way. In fact, at PRP Injection and IV Therapy, you will find that we offer alternative treatment options for your arthritis. We offer arthritis treatment in NYC that will help you feel better.

Many individuals who suffer with arthritis will suffer in silence because they simply do not think there is a treatment out there to alleviate the pain. Arthritis is commonly found in the knees and hands, but it can affect any area on your body. Those who do have this condition often complain that it is difficult to get up, they are tired, and they suffer in pain. These symptoms can cause you to experience a decline in your quality of life. The team at PRP Injection and IV Therapy wants you to know you are not alone and we are here to help you. We offer PRP injections and IV therapy that can help treat your arthritis.

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PRP Therapy in NYC Is Changing Knee Arthritis Treatment

If you experienced knee arthritis previously, then you likely were told that you needed a complete knee replacement. Not only is this scary, it would leave you without use of your knee for some time. When PRP therapy or platelet rich plasma therapy came to light, doctors and researchers realized that surgery was not the only method by which individuals could receive relief from their pain.

PRP therapy is generally started in the earliest stages of knee arthritis for the best results. Once the platelet rich plasma has been injected, it will work to regenerate the tissues as quickly as possible. Not only will the tissues start to regenerate, the patient will feel relief. PRP therapy that we offer in NYC is truly changing knee arthritis treatment.

Effective PRP Treatment in New York

If you are experiencing any type of knee pain or you think that you may be suffering with arthritis, now is the time to speak with a trained doctor. At PRP Injection and IV Therapy, Dr. Petrychenko is ready to sit down with you and listen to your concerns and provide you with the information you need to make a decision about your health.

We offer both PRP treatment and effective PRP injections for arthritis right here in our New York office.

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