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PRP Injection and IV Therapy is the best local center for PRP injections – we offer osteoarthritis treatment in NYC that is meant to provide the relief you desire. Dr. Petrychenko understands your discomfort and wants to help.
When it comes to PRP injections, we have the ability to inject PRP into the joint, which is utilized to create cartilage. PRP injections can help when it comes to problems such as osteoarthritis because they have natural anti-inflammatory properties.
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PRP Injection and IV Therapy Can Improve Osteoarthritis Symptoms

When it comes to osteoarthritis, people generally complain about joint pain in areas such as the hip, lower back, neck, knee and hands. The pain can seem to worsen depending on different weather conditions. One might feel a sense of stiffness, swelling or even tenderness. Joint deformity can also occur. If you notice that you have a problem with stiffness or pain after sitting or relaxing for a prolonged period of time, or if you notice pain first thing in the morning, you might have osteoarthritis. Joints which are affected tend to become swollen.
Having a limited range of motion can end up causing a great deal of discomfort and frustration. Swelling or pain in the feet can make it difficult to stay active. This is where Dr. Petrychenko at PRP Injection and IV Therapy comes in. We are a local PRP Injection and IV Therapy clinic in NYC that is able to offer PRP injections and IV therapy that can improve symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Why PRP injections for Osteoarthritis?

People who suffer from osteoarthritis tend to experience more falls and more of a risk of fracture. Having difficulty walking and exercising, or suffering from limited mobility, can end up causing other concerns. Side effects from medication can also be problematic. Living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain, which can increase the chance of hypertension, diabetes and other disease.
At PRP Injection and IV Therapy, we care about the health of our patients. We can eliminate pain and discomfort by PRP injection into your joint in order to create cartilage. Rather than just reducing pain, we have the ability to treat disease and replace diseased tissue. The goal in creating cartilage is to help those suffering with cartilage which has worn down – patients often complain of pain because they have bones rubbing on other bones.

For more information on PRP injections and osteoarthritis, just give us a call. Our Doctor is ready to help you.

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