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Stem Cell Types

Stem cells are best viewed as blank cells that can be molded and modified to repair different areas of the body. Most cells within the body serve a specific purpose and cannot transform or work to serve another purpose. This is where stem cells come in.
It is important to understand that there are different types of stem cells and each one works in a specific manner to help alleviate pain or heal tissues in the body. If you would like to learn more about stem cells and how Dr. Dmitri Petrychenko can help, call our office now.
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Types of Stem Cells

Stem cells come from a variety of places and each one has not been differentiated yet, which means it does not have a specific role in the body. This also means that stem cells can be placed into specific areas of the body to heal and regenerate.
One of the first types of stem cells include embryonic stem cells. These cells come from human embryos in the body that that roughly three to five days old. These cells are typically taken from the individual through a process called invitro-fertilization. These types of cells are sought after because they can change to match almost any type of cell within the body.

Induced pluripotent stem cells or iPSCs

Another type of stem cell that can be harvested and used in the body. These cells are able to produce new cells in the tissue or organ of the individual patient.

Non-embryotic stem cells or adult stem cells

found in adults, infants, and children. These stem cells are taken from tissues and organs within the body and can be used to replace or heal any damaged tissues. The trick with these stem cells is that they work only in the area in which they are taken from.

The last type of stem cells are cord blood stem cells.

These are taken from umbilical cords once a baby is born. They are typically harvested and then frozen for use later on in life, should they be needed. These cells are often used to treat cancer and blood disorders.

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